Dear customer, 

This may due to that you have used the number login Kilimall APP and activated another wallet account. kindly login to the other account and unbind.  

Please make sure you logged the right account as well,  Kindly notice Facebook login, Goolge login, phone no. , Email login are invidual accounts, the refund to your phone no. login won't reflect to your Facebook account login. 

For more about various login method, refer to :

For unbond wallet, kindly refer to following steps: 

For re-bond your phone no. kindly login to your other account and rebind again.  

If further assistance is needed,  Kindly provide following info so we can unbond for you. 

1. Your Kilimall order no. ( Which result in refund to wallet)

2. Your Mpesa name

3. Your Mpesa no. 

4. The Mpesa trans Id sms message. ( If any)

Please forward details to us via for prompt solution.