FBK means Shipped from Kilimall (an orange lighting icon). Goods marked with this type are stored at Kilimall local warehouse in your country. These goods will be dispatched from Kilimall local warehouse and shipping usually within 7working days


DS means Shipped by Local Seller (a green navigation icon). Goods delivered in this type are stored at our local sellers' warehouses located in several cities and places in your country. So shipping usually takes a bit longer, normally 7~15 working days depending on how far is it from the warehouse to your doorstep.

GS stands for global shipping, means Shipped from overseas/global (a purple airplane tab). Goods marked with this type are stored at our international sellers' oversea warehouses located all over the world. Goods are dispatched from oversea   warehouses and shipped across border by air or by ship. This means shipping takes much longer than the other two models, usually 30~ 40 workdays.