Kilimall Coin is a bonus reward to appreciate our loyal users who have given us a long-standing support, to encourage them and get them involved more actively in our various activities.

Currently you can use kilimall coin to shopping on Kilimall APP/   Withdraw to cash. More option refer to following: 

A: Shows cashable coin balance. 

B: Daily check in coin rewards

C: Referential coin reward. 

D: Other coin reward. 

E: Coin can be used for deduction when shop on Kilimall. 

F: The rate for withdraw coin to cash. 

G: Redeem voucher using coin


1. Where can I check my coin?  (APP only)

Please open Kilimall APP →Account→Coins (top banner No. 1 section)

2. How to collect more coins? 

Currently you can daily check in, refer to friends or finish tasks as showing from No. 2 section

3. How to use my coins?  (Refer to No. 3 section from APP)

You can use it while shopping on Kilimall.  Click the check button at the checkout page. (1 coin deducts 1Kes 

a. Minimum redemption of Coin on a single order is Ksh.30

b. Maximum redemption of Coin on a single order is Ksh.500

c. Maximum redemption of Coin on a single order is 10% of this order amount.


You can also withdraw coin to cash, (10 Coins to 1 Kes)

4. Why there are Cashable balance and Non-cashable balance? What are the differences? 

Please note that coins earned after 3 Sep 2019 can withdraw to cash only.  Coins earned prior to this date can only be used for order deduction. 

5. Does my coin expire? 

Yes, the coins you accumulated six months ago will expire at the end of the month. Unused coins beyond the deadline will be regarded as automatically abandoned and will be zeroed out.

Open Kilimall APP, click on "Daily Check-in" part, and you can see the number of expiring points in "My Coins" part (If you have no expiring points, this section will be blank).         

6. Will my coin be refunded if my order is cancled? 

No, it will be not refunded.