In general, the warranty card indicates the warranty period of the goods. The warranty card is included in the packaging of the goods. If you can't find your warranty information, you can contact the seller. Brand product usually have warranty and you will get the warranty card in the package you received. Usually those products have local after sale center.

Goods shipped from oversea usually don't have warranty except some seller put a warranty info on product details.

If your product warranty is valid, it offers protection against defects in manufacturer defects, related to mechanical or electrical systems, and materials. In such cases, the manufacturer got the repair cost covered - you don't have to worry.

If your products don't have warranty, for example phones, computers and consumer electronics, they should be serviced at the respective brand service center.

Warranties do not cover damage to products caused by accident, misuse and abuse, modification, attempted repair, negligence after purchase, ordinary wear and tear, and/or failure to follow the product’s maintenance advice provided in the user’s manual or warranty card.