1. If the aftersale solution is 'Refund Only':

 the seller will negotiate with you for the refundable amount. If the seller provide a full refund solution and you accept it you will get a full refund. Sometime, seller will give you partial refund, if you not agree with it, please "apply for intervention" instead of accept.

2. If the aftersale solution is 'Return and Refund':

The seller will review your application within 3 days. 

1) If he approved your application, you will need to return the item, Kilimall will check the quality according to the reason you applied for, and then decide to refund or not.

2) If the seller failed to respond your application within 3 days, Kilimall will intervene and deal with your application within 3 days.

3) If the seller rejects your application, Apply for intervention and Kilimall will intervene.

* You will get a full refund your quality check is  approved.

* Kilimall will return the item and won't refund if the quality check is failed.

For how to apply for aftersale, visit here. or following link: