There's 2 solutions for refund if you applied for aftersale:

1. refund only (without return): once you applied and seller agreed, you will get refund in1-3 workdays

2. return&refund: once solution approved, you should return the product form confirmation, Kilimall will inspect the quality of the item once received, if confirmed the returned product is consistant with your decription and rules, you will get refund in 1-3 workdays.

We recommend that you communicate with the seller first. (Click here for how to contact seller)

You have an option to apply for after sale if the seller fail to respond to your request or  an agreement cannot be reached between you and seller. Click here for how to apply for aftersale.

1. The seller will deal with your application within 3 days. During these days, the seller will provide you a solution for aftersale.

2. Kilimall will intervene to deal with the appication within 1-3 working days if the seller failed to respond  the application.

3. Once the application approved, Kilimall will inform you to return the items. Normally, this process will take about at least 7 days.

4. Kilimall will inspect the quality of the item once received, then will decide to refund or not. 

5. You will receive the refund within 1-3 days usually if quality inspection passed. 

For further assitance, kindly contact us via Livechat message from Kilimall APP.  : Kilimall APP->Message->Contact Us.