#Client MUST accept the return&refund/ exchange solution provided by SELLER or KILIMALL from Kilimall APP before the return process can be started. You cannot return the product or drop the product at pickup station/rider if your application was not approved.

Step 1 confirm aftersale solution 

(Detailed flow see bottom, apply aftersale before return product)

Step 2 confirm return method

There are currently 3 types for return when after sale application approved by seller or Kilimall(via intervention), please also note available return methods depends on your location:

1. Door-to-door collection: Rider pick the return from client (rider will call client and pick from original door delivery address)
2. Send to Kilishop: Client should send to the selected Kilishop for return (if you already returned at Kilishop, client should share the return date, receipt proof from Kilishop)
3.Send to G4S (send to G4S or other courier): Client should fill right info of following info:
a. Courier name(Express Name instead of personal name)
b. Courier waybill (Express No. in stead of personal phone number)

For G4S waybill no. see below 

In case client filled wrong return information, a prompt update to Kilimall Agent is required.

Once Kilimall receive the return, we will inspect the item and revert back in 1-3 days. Please don't forget to check from Kilimall APP->Account->Aftersale for the latest aftersale process and confirm aftersale solution.

For review aftersale status, kindly refer to: http://k.kili.co/918q

For more aftersal policy, kindly refer to : http://k.kili.co/918w