If you place an order with some items sold by more than one seller, also we currently have two delivery types 1. door to door delivery, 2. self-pick at Pickup stations (G4S and Kilishop),Kilimall delivers orders to nationwide and we charge delivery fees based on delivery location and the price is range from Ksh.99-Ksh.400 upon the product within 5KG.

Kindly note products are packaged differently depending on logistics types and products size/weight hence may lead to all of them having different shipping fees. Also note items are also shipped separately by different sellers for minimum delay of an order. 

#If you buy from several sellers with different delivery types, the goods might be delivered separately and the shipping takes different days. For Delivery timeline of order types, refer to following:
1. shipped from oversea (with a purple aeroplane icon) is delivered within 30-40 working days
2. Local Dispatch(with a green teardrop icon) shipped locally takes 7- 15 working days
3. Kilimall Dispatch (with an orange lightning icon) shipped from Kilimall delivery is 5-7 working days.  

Except for Shipped from Kilimall orders(Shipped directly from Kilimall which charges single postage only) the two other delivery types Kilimall Local (shipped by local seller) & Kilimall Global Shipping (ship from overseas/global) charges postage per shop.