Dear customer,

Once the order was paid successfully, the information cannot be modified. Before delivery, if you need to modify the order address, phone number, specifications, quantity, etc., please cancel the order as soon as possible and place the order again(pls apply via Kilimall APP account > My order > Pending dispatch> Apply for refund)

If the goods have been dispatched, the rules regarding address modification and reassignment are as follows:

Available to change address:
1) The package is before DISPATCH and left Nairobi sorting center (DISPATCH means that GS and DS are before delivery by the seller, and FBK is before delivery by the sorting center), the customer can request to modify the address, and Kilimall will deliver it according to the new address.
2) For packages delivered to your door in Nairobi, after dispatch, users can also request to be reassigned to other addresses in Nairobi

Unvailable to change address:
3) In other cases(parcel already shipped from Kilimall Warehouse/ Seller ), Kilimall does not provide rescheduling service. If it has been sent to the order address and needs to be rescheduled, customer can directly ask and pay delivery fee to Kenyan express companies such as G4S, SPEEDAF directly, and the express company will pick it up from KiliShop/G4S and delivery to the new address you reqired, they will bear the responsibility for the delivery timeline and safe of the goods.
4) Before rescheduling, Kilimall and KiliShop will take good care of the client's parcels. G4S/Kilishop can keep the parcels up to 
7days and provide neccessary support.
Please note: If the package is not picked up within the specified time, it will be returned to the warehouse. The warehouse will keep for a maximum of 90 days, and you will be responsible for the loss if it is desposed if it exceeds 90 days. Within 90 days after the return to the warehouse, you can contact the customer service and pay for the second delivery fee to apply for re-sending.

Refer to the G4S/SPEEDAF's contact:

G4S -

Email -

contact - 0703011000 

Speedaf -
Email -
Contact - 0741000888