For Entering Bargain page, please click icon from Kilimall APP main page, Click bottom right icon for checking all your bargained orders.  For FAQ click top right Rules icon. 

You can also refer to below FAQ 

1. To participate, select the goods you like and invite your friends to bargain until the product price is reduced to KSh.0 within the specified timeframe, and you will get the product for free.

2. All bargain results can be found at the "My bargains". Successfully bargained goods will be sent out after 1-3 working days according to the address you filled.

3. All products are geniune and at market prices. Since stocks are limited, we don't support return, refund and replacement for goods purchased through this activity.

4. All bargain activity goods cannot be purchased at your preferential prices. You can only get the product for free, when the price is bargained down to KSh.0.

5. The platform has the right to judge bargain failures if the user is found to have committed violation such as using many fake accounts to bargain.

6.You have to come to our office to claim it once you bargained successfully for items value above KSh10,000 and send email to to confirm with us.

7.Kilimall reserves all rights.

Dear friend, kindly help me bargain this product to KSh.0. You have the same chance to get it at free as well. Click to bargain now! >>