Don't miss out, grab your unlimited prize including MOTOR BIKE/ LAPTOP/ AIRTIME/ GIFT BOX/PHONE etc. 

Free to play, draw everyday~  Open from APP->HomePage->LuckDraw


1. Every user have one FREE lucky draw chance per day.

2. Every user could gain 3 more chances by finish tasks.

3. Every prize is stand a chance to win.

4. Prizes would be auto issued to your account by system. If the prize is [1 chance to draw], it means you can do 1 more free lucky draw.

Vouchers prize could be found at [Account - My Assests - Vouchers]

Coins prize could be found at [Kilimall Home Page - Daily Check-In - My coins] .

5. If found cheating during this event, Kilimall has the right to take back the prizes. [eg. Join by the same device with different accounts]

6. If won the motorcycle & gift box, the winner should take screenshot & contact our staff first, also allow Kilimall to request photos & videos for promotion.

7. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Kilimall.