Below sheet shows all login method and related operations.

1. How to Sign up?

Join Kilimall is easy, currently there are 2 ways for registraction:

N.B. Please note each login method stores shopping data separately. 

Ⅰ. Login via  SNS including Facebook & Google Registration,  

    Click from APP->Account->Register->Choose Google/ Facebook for login

Ⅱ. Login via  Email / Phone Registration,  

     Click from APP->Account->Register->Choose Phone/ Email as method for signup->Fill in details->Create Account

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2. How to Log in ( 4 ways)?

 Currently we support use of Email/ Phone number/ Facebook/Google to login. When you login with the phone number, please make sure the phone number is 9 number digits without the first zero. e.g :right 710000000 wrong (0)7100000000. 

1. Email  login -> Use your Email login via log in Page from Kilimall APP/

2. Phone no. login -> Use your Phone login via log in Page from Kilimall APP/

N.B: On mobile device, you can also choose SMS login as well. (not apply to PC, see below image)

3. Google / Facebook login -> Click Facebook/ Google icon from Login page from Kilimall APP/

4. Username & password login->Same to Email/ Phone no. login. ( Please note accounts created after 2020 doesn't come with a username defined by user)

image 1 ( Login guide)

3. How to Reset Password/ Email?


I. For Reset Password: 

 Visit our site from APP or , kindly go via Account→Login→Forget Password

II. For Change password 

kindly refer to Account-> Settings->Modify Password:   

III. For Change Email/ Phone no. (Currently only available to PC site):

In case you want to update your Email/ Phone no. Kindly open Kilimall PC site and refer to belwo: 

Step 1: Open Kilimall website on a PC, then login

Step 2: Click My Account->Profile->Change


1. If you'd like to change Email, please make sure you've bond a valid phone no. 

2. If you'd like to change Phone, please make sure you've bond a valid Email. 

3. If your Email/ Phone has been bond to an account that you no longer use, please unbond it to avoid further account issues.