1. Groupbuy

CUSTOMER firstly pay for the groupbuy order, then invite FRIEND make purchase too, after it meets the preset group size. ( Group requirements of 3 participants and you've successfully invited 2 friends--all of you 3 made the purchase)  

In case groupbuy failed, all paid amount will be refunded to client with notice.   

More from: https://kilimall.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/35000127803

2. Check in and share 100 million Ksh event,  the amount will be sent to client via Kilimall wallet, ask client wait for the SNS updates.  (Arround 16Ksh)

3. Bargain down to 0 event,  client can ask friend bargain down the price,  when the price goes down to 0, client can receive goods for free.  N.B Client cannot purchase the goods, only way client can receive goods is to bargain it till 0Ksh. 

More from  https://kilimall.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/35000110032

4. Black Friday related Event. 

Canned response updated to the sys: Keyword:  Black Friday

Dear customer, for anything you need to know about Kilimall Black Friday, kindly refer to : https://m.kilimall.co.ke/special/803

For Black Friday main page, kindly refer to : https://m.kilimall.co.ke/special/794