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After-sales return policy

Dear customer,

hello, please check whether the package is damaged before signing the order, whether the products in the package are intact. If you find any problems with the goods, you can apply for the return service within 7 days after you signed for your parcel. Our main service types are as follows:

For FBK product, client can apply for aftersale if not satisfied or wrong choose, please  in 7 days given that goods are still new(seals are not tampered with, and the  product has no obvious signs of usage, especially for electronics) and resell-able and exclude following conditions:

Please note that DS/ GS products don't allow return due to change of mind/ wrong choose.  


After-sales type

After-sales reasons 

Application of the product condition

Review method

Return & refund

Product description does not match, the wrong goods, counterfeit products

Meets the product integrity standards, GS goods non-quality problems do not accept return refund.

Seller reviews


Product description does not match, wrong product, the counterfeit product

Meets the product integrity standard, except for the GS product.

Seller reviews


Parts or missing products(PART RECEIPT OF ORDER ), defective

Product failure or missing, less

Seller review

Refund only

(including partial refund and full refund)

Does not match product description, wrong goods, counterfeit products, parts or Missing products, defective products

Apply to all product

Sellers review


1. What are the return conditions?

From the day after the customer signs the product (order status is Completed), the product can be returned within 7 days after the product is guaranteed to be in good condition; after this period, we will not accept the return. If the product has a warranty, we recommend that you contact the seller or send to the service center near you.



Supported reasons for return:


Return of



Defective products

Due to seller wrong operation, product defects or damage upon arrival at the buyer.

Defect or damage means that the product is severely deformed when it arrives at the buyer, or the internal product is damaged or cannot be used normally.

Doesn’t match product description

The product quality doesn't meet the expectations or does not match the description on the webpage/APP.

1. The product description should truly reflect the product characteristics;

2. The product picture and description should be accurate, which can truly reflect the product color and attributes.

Wrong product

The goods and additional items whtin orders delivered to the customer are not the same product as the customer's purchase on Kilimall.


Missing parts or product

Seller did not ship all products or did not send all the components (As explained from the product details)

1. Before sending, make sure you've packed all the items in the "purchased product list";

2. If there are bonus gifts, make sure they are also packaged together.

Counterfeit products

Infringe on the trademark rights of other brands and mislead customers to make them authentic.


Damaged Productthe parcel was damaged or the inside product has been damaged before signing  

Unsupported reasons for return: 



Product example 

special types products does not support aftersale service

product does not support aftersale due to customer subjective reasons 


Apart from Global Shipping products, we also do not accept aftersale returns for the following items:

1.personalized customization, design services and other fresh products;

2.virtual items such as recharge, 1 shilling product promotion;

3.panties, socks/bottom stockings/stockings/leg socks, body shaping pants, body shaping suits, nipple patches;

4. Personal products such as inserts/chest pads, smart devices (such as VR helmets, etc.), 

5.commercial kitchen utensils, industrial products, office supplies, electric vehicles, products near the expiration date/defective products, refurbished machines, etc. 

6. underwear, adult product or anything similar products.

Not supported after unpacking

products are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons, at same time product is not in good condition like the outer packaging of the product has been opened, missing accessories, damaged appearance, etc. 

Such as cosmetics, personal care cleaning, maternal and child, food and other products, the plastic film of the product is intact (if any), the sealed package is intact (if any), the bottle cap of the product is not opened, etc.

Not supported after installation

products are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons, at same time product is not in good condition like product has been installed, missing accessories, damaged appearance, etc. 

Products that need to be installed such as assembly machinery, gas stoves, etc.

Not supported after use

products are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons, at same time product is not in good condition like product that is incomplete, such as the product has been activated, lack of accessories, or appearance damage, water damage are not applicable for 7 days no reasons to return.

Such as notebooks, desktops, mobile phones, PS4 products with activation restrictions, damage( inc. water)


Product integrity standards:

The customer shall ensure that the returned product and related accessories (such as tag, manual, warranty card, network card, etc.) are complete, and maintain the original quality, function, no damage, mal-operation, anti-counterfeiting, and activation ( In the case of authorization, etc., there are no signs of use of the appearance of the original, and unreasonable use of personal data.

The outer packaging of the product is an integral part of the product, and should be complete when returned, without serious damage or contamination.

“Outer packaging” means: the original packaging of the manufacturer (minimum sales unit), and does not include the packaging of the secondary packaging by the seller or the logistics service provider.

Loss or damage to the gift and loss of the invoice will not affect the product return. If the gift is damaged or lost, the discount will be processed (10% of the purchase price of the product), and the tax will be shift to customer due to lost of the invoice.

Cosmetics, personal care products, books, baby diapers, audio-visual products and other outer packagings are sealed at one time and shall not be unsealed.

“Sealing” means that the outer packaging of the product is sealed by the manufacturer (sealing) or integral plastic (tight) packaging.


What if client returned the product and the aftersale service is not acceptable as per rules?

Kilimall/seller will refuse the application and resend the product, the resend shipping fee will paid by client.

Please note we will also not accept aftersale :

1. Products not purchased from Kilimall (order serial numbers does not match);

2. Products that exceed the expiry date (Exceed warranty period);

3. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, product quality problems caused by improper installation, or torn, altered labels of machine serial number or anti-counterfeiting mark;

4. The warranty card does not match the product and was altered.

2. How to apply for a return?

Please apply for after-sales by:

1. Kenya users log in to APP -> My Order -> Completed module and click Apply After-sales button to apply for after-sales online (please note: more than 7 days after the order is completed, you cannot apply for after-sales, see return policy) ).Download KilimallAPP;

2. If you have any questions during the application process, please visit Kilimall website and use Livechat to contact our customer service center.


Return process

return refund process:






Return refund process:


 Return and exchange




Cash return only( no physical return needed) the process:







Resend process: (Due to lack of quantity or components)







3. How do I return my goods after applying for a return?

After applying for online return, seller will review it within 72 hours. Once seller confirm the solution, please confirm via your APP within 5 days. Once you accept return&refund or exchange solution, please return the product to the Kilishop or courier within 7days. Please pay attention to the progress of your after-sales work order and follow the instructions of the after-sales work order. If seller didn't response your application, Kilimall will intervene it. After applying for a return, please pay attention to LiveChat message, we will contact you through the LiveChat message during the review process.  After approval of return,You can send the product to Kilimall in the following ways.

1.  Make an appointment to pick up service (only support door delivery orders);

if your order was sent to your doorstep directly, then you can choose to make an appointment for return pickup, we will try 3 times in 3 working days. Pick up the return product. However, after 3 picks, the delivery cannot be completed and we will cancel your return request. You can also choose return the product to the nearby pick up sations 

2.  Placed at the pick-up point when picking up the goods;

if you pick up the goods by picking up the goods, you can place the products that need to be returned at the pick-up point after applying for the sale, we will take them within 3 working days. Return the product and perform quality inspection. Once your application approved, you can choose the closest pick up station to return. please find the Kilimall pick up stations here.

3.  The product will be sent to the Kilimall after-sales service centre;after the application is made, the buyer needs to return the goods to the local warehouse offline, and if the return is not returned within 30 days, the refund application will be closed.

Address:Office 18-Athi 55, Mombasa Road, Athi River, PO Box 29980 00100 Nairobi


Note: Please ensure that the returned accessories, instructions, gifts, original packaging and parcels are in good condition and the order number is reserved for return.


4. How do I know the result after returning the product?

  • We will carefully verify after receiving the product.
  •  If the verification is valid, we will refund you according to the refund method you filled out.
  •  In most cases, this process will not exceed 7 days, but in some cases it may take up to 14 days to submit your return request.
  •  If the quality check result is invalid, the product will be returned to you.
  •  We track all return requests and use this data to improve our product quality and service, as well as customer analytics. Customers with unreasonable/invalid returns may be rejected for return.

Effective means that the product meets the Kilimall return conditions.

Invalid means that the product does not meet the Kilimall return conditions.

6. How can I track my progress in sales?

You can check the latest return status in the Kilimall APP -> My Orders -> After-sales module. If you have any questions, please visit the Kilimall website or LiveChat from our APP. Download KilimallAPP.

7. How long will I receive a refund?

We will complete the refund within 1-3 working days when the quality check/ refund approved.

The specific refund methods are as follows:



Payment method

Refund Channel

Refund time



Mpesa/ Lipa-wallet

within 24 hours

Lipa-wallet (Withdraw takes 1- 2 days)


within 24 hours


Equity bank, airtel, Ipay, bonga point

Original/ Mpesa

within 5-7 working days


(Uganda) Airtel, MTN, Citibank

Original channel

within 7 working days


(Nigeria) Remita, Paga, Paystack

Original channel

within 7 working days

8. I received a product that I didn't buy(send the wrong goods), What should we do now?

When you go to the pick-up point to pick up the orders, please make sure that the delivered items are intact confirm with  kilishop agent. If it does not match your order, please refuse to accept it and apply for aftersale. If you receive it from the pickup point, you can still apply for a return within 7 days (the product needs to be in good condition without any usage).

For global order only when seller sent the wrong goods,you can apply for aftersale.

9. Do I have to return all the products in the order?

Each product is an independent aftersale application, you should return as per the product with all the pakcage & accessories (gifts) related, You don't need to return all the products in the order.

10. Do I have to return a free gift when I return the product?

Yes, you must return the gift you gave when you purchased the product, otherwise it will affect the final refund amount.

11. Do I need to pay for shipping when I return the product?

The shipping cost of the returned product does not require shipping.

12. Will the shipping charges I paid be refunded?

We will refund the shipping cost if all the products from a single order is returned; if partial products from an order are returned, we will not refund the shipping cost. If it was client's reason, the shipping fee will be not refunded. 

13. What is the “Shipped From Overseas” return policy?

For products marked "Shipped From Overseas", the return are accepted only in the following cases:




Defective product

due to seller error, the product is defective or damaged when it deliver to buyer.

Wrong product

The goods and additional items of the order delivered to the customer are not the same to what is showing from Kilimall site. 


Global order are not accepte returns under the following conditions:

If the size is not suitable, or the customer does not like the product (color, material, style), we do not accept returns. We recommend that you carefully review the full description of the item and confirm that it meets all of your expectations before placing an order.

14. What should I do if the product lacks parts?

We will take responsibility if you report lost parts when you receive your item. Be sure to double check during pick-up/delivery to confirm the parcel is well sealed.

If the product is from overseas, you can contact seller at first and apply for aftersales of refund. If the product from local, then you can contact our customer service via  Kilimall APP->Message->Contact Us.  for resend. You should also provide a small product certificate (order screenshot & package photo), we will reissue the missing products within 3 working days, if the product is out of stock, please apply for aftersales of refund and we will refund the price of the item at the time of purchase.

15. How does Kilimall conduct quality check?

When the Kilimall after-sales department receives the returned goods, it will check the goods according to the reasons for your application and refer to the return and exchange standards as well the product details. Please carefully select the reasons for the after-sales and fill in the description of the problem, if the actual result and your application is not match the description, or product quality proves good, we will reject your return request and return it, the 2nd delivery will be charged accordingly.

16. When I received the package, I found that there was a missing product. What should I do?

If the product is from oversea, Client has to contact Customer service at first and apply for aftersales for refund. If the product from local, then you can contact our customer service via  Kilimall APP or email us at for resend. You should also provide a small product certificate (order screenshot & package photo), we will reissue the missing products within 3 working days, if the product is out of stock, please apply for aftersales of refund and we will refund the price of the item at the time of purchase.

17. What should I do if I am not satisfied with the solution(partial refund) by seller?

You can log in to the APP to apply for Intervention within 15 days, the platform will intervene, and the decision will be made based on the information provided by the buyer and the seller. Once the arbitration is done, the application cannot be made again.

 #Please note that once you choose to accept seller's solution ( e.g partial refund), you won't be able to apply aftersale again nor intervention from Kilimall. 

18. When I received the package, I found the goods was broken/damaged. What should I do?

We will take responsibility if you report damaged when you receive your item. Be sure to double check during pick-up/delivery to confirm the parcel is well sealed.

Please apply for aftersales and contact our customer service via  Kilimall APP or email us at


20. Can I apply for exchange or refund after the 7days?

You can't apply for it unless the product has the warranty. During the warranty time, you can check with seller at first, then apply for exchange/repair/refund. But for global shipping product, it cannot support exchange, only seller's responsibility can apply for return&refund since the goods is unable to exchange from local to oversea.

21. I need my goods to be repaired, can you help me?

If you product in the warranty time you can find the nearest service center, if there's no service center near you , you can use third courier to delivery or KiliExpress delivery. Since We only provide free return within 7 days, if you use KiliExpress delivery serivice, the shipping fee will be charged accordingly. Please also apply for aftersales in the system at sametime.

22. I have applied aftersale, can I return product to pickup station/Kilishop first?

Please apply aftersale from Kilimall APP, then wait until it got approved by seller/ Kilimall before you send for return. 

In case seller reject your request, kindly apply for Kilimall intervention from Kilimall APP. 

For more about product return, kindly refer to:

23. My after sale application was rejected, what should I do?

There are 3 types for rejection for aftersale. 

1. In case it was rejected by selller, you can apply  intervention from Kilimall and we will continue following up for your aftersale case. 

2. Whether it was rejected by Kilimall, you can review the reason for rejection.  If you believe further followups should be done, kindly contact us via including your order no. and related description query. 

3. If your aftersale got rejected during Quality check from Kilimall, usually it's because the item is not eligiable for aftersale since it matches descpiton/ works well. ( For TV/ or some electronics may be it was under repair process,  kindly refer to seller for repair updates. ( Contact seller-> , alternatively you can refer to service center as well( Service center-> 

24. Can I apply for aftersale for repair if product has warranty?

The warranty service is provided by seller not Kilimall. If the goods has warranty and already completed over 7 days or product is not resellable(package already damaged or product has been used),client can  ask for repair service from local seller. For brand product we advice that you vistit their carl care stations and they will assit you.Please contact seller or the service center on the repair serivce or refer to the contact list of service care, the repair time and repair fee will be confirmed by seller.

We also humblely request you to return the product with original package as well as all accessories & gift & warranty card(if has) & all documents that service center requested including your contact & receipt address VIA the 3rd courier directly which will save you time. At same time, if you have any problem when contacting seller, pls let us know.

Refer to the G4S/SPEEDAF's contact:

G4S - 

Email - 

contact - 0703011520

Speedaf -

Email -

Contact - 0741000888 

For more check for aftersale policy.