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In order to guarantee you have a happy shopping experience, please check whether the package is damaged before signing the order, whether the products in the package are intact. If you find any problems with the goods, you can apply for the return service within 7 days after you signed for your parcel. Our main service types are as follows:

TypeDescriptionReview method
Return & refundReturn goods first, then refund Seller reviews in 48 hours
ExchangeReturn goods first, then replace a new item
Refund onlypartial refund or full refund without return

2. What are the return conditions?

Except for virtual items such as recharge, 1 shilling product promotion, software, from the day after the customer signs the product (order status is Completed), the product can be returned within 7 days after the product is guaranteed to be in good condition. If the product has a warranty and out of 7 days, we recommend that you contact the seller or send to the service center near you.

Supported reasons for return:

Return ReasonApplicable product categoryApplicable order Type
Change of mind(product is correct but doesn't fit as expected)All product categories except
 point 3 product that cannot return
All order type except
Globle item 
Defective products( quality issue)AllAll
Item doesn’t match product descriptionAllAll
Wrong(color/size/model) productAllAll
Missing parts or productAllAll
Counterfeit productsAllAll
Damaged ProductAllAll

Global order are not accepte returns under the following conditions:If the size is not suitable, or the customer does not like the product (color, material, style), we do not accept returns. We recommend that you carefully review the full description of the item and confirm that it meets all of your expectations before placing an order.

We shall only accept returns of items that are unworn, unused and in the same condition you received them, with their original packaging and seal intact where applicable, unless the item became defective after delivery became damaged or defective after reasonable use (in accordance with manufacturers guidelines where applicable) during the returns period.

3. Items that cannot be returned

products are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons Apart from Global Shiping products, we also do not accept aftersale returns for the following items:

1.personalized customization, design services and other fresh products;
2.virtual items such as recharge, 1 shilling product promotion;
3.panties, socks/bottom stockings/stockings/leg socks, body shaping pants, body shaping suits, nipple patches;
4. Personal products such as inserts/chest pads, smart devices (such as VR helmets, etc.),
5.commercial kitchen utensils, industrial products, office supplies, electric vehicles, products near the expiration date/defective products, refurbished machines, etc.
6. underwear, adult produt or anything similar products.
Not supported after unpackingproducts are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons, at same time product is not in good condition like the outer packaging of the product has been opened, the plastic film of the product is intact (if any), the sealed package is intact (if any), the bottle cap of the product is not opened, etc.
Not supported after installationproducts are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons, at same time product is not in good condition like product has been installed,such as assembly machinery, gas stoves, etc.
Not supported after activation products are not support aftersale due to consumer subjective reasons, at same time product is not in good condition like product that is incomplete, such as notebooks, desktops, mobile phones, PS4 products with activation restrictions, etc.

Please note we will also not accept aftersale :

1. Products not purchased from Kilimall (order serial numbers does not match);

2. Products that exceed the expiry date (Exceed warranty period);

3. Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, product quality problems caused by improper installation, or torn, altered labels of machine serial number or anti-counterfeiting mark;

4. The warranty card does not match the product and was altered.

4. Product integrity standards

Customer shall ensure that the returned product and related accessories (such as tag, manual, warranty card, network card, etc.) are complete, and maintain the original quality, function, no damage, mal-operation, anti-counterfeiting, and activation ( In the case of authorization, etc., there are no signs of use of the appearance of the original, and unreasonable use of personal data.

“Sealing” means that the outer packaging of the product is sealed by the manufacturer (sealing) or integral plastic (tight) packaging.

Outer packaging” means: the original packaging of the manufacturer (minimum sales unit), and does not include the packaging of the secondary packaging by the seller or the logistics service provider.The outer packaging of the product is an integral part of the product, and should be complete when returned, without serious damage or contamination. Cosmetics, personal care products, books, baby diapers, audio-visual products and other outer packagings are sealed at one time and shall not be unsealed.

missing or damage to the gift/accesories and missing of the invoice will not affect the product return. If the gift is damaged or lost, the discount will be processed (10% of the purchase price of the product), and the tax will be shift to customer due to lost of the invoice.

5. Return process


 Return & Refund Process:


Exchange Process: 

 Refund Only Process:

Return & Exchange Progress: