1. What are the voucher types of Kilimall? 

-Currently there are 3 major types of Vouchers, refer to below image. 

2. What are the rules when using voucher? 

  • In order to  mobile browser. Install it here: https://goo.gl/PNMVLQ
  • Voucher can be redeemed at checkout page and the order amount should be over the voucher worth.
  • Voucher cannot be refunded once used if order was canceled or apply for aftersale.
  • Voucher varies depending on the condition, check from Account-> Vouchers -> Description.

3. How to check& use my vouchers? Voucher condition? 

  a.  Open Kilimall App or visiting us through mobile browser, and visit Account->Vouchers. Then       you will be able to see your available/   Expired/  Used vouchers.

  b. Voucher condition is available from Voucher list. (see below image)

1. Once your at the "Order Confirm" page, before you proceed to the payment page, first select "Voucher discount" for using voucher. 

2. Then tap "Choose" button to select the voucher you want to use, and proceed to complete the payment.

3. For voucher code, choose at checkout page like above.