Before you choose aftersale, you can also talk to seller for problem settlement. Visit here

Currently, you can  apply for after sale either from Kilimall APP or,ke . Click on the “Account” in the APP/ WAP, select “Completed Order” in “My Orders”, you will see a prompt written “Apply for After sale”, click on the prompt and it will lead you to the “Apply for After sale” page. Kindly fill in your related information according to the factual situation.

For checking aftersale status, kindly click the Aftersale icon from Account page. 

If the aftersale status is return to Kilimall, Kindly return the parcel and documents (as received e.g invoice, warranty card or certification), with all the accessories, attach the order number and your contact information. If you failed return within 15 days along with neccessary information, the application will be auto canceled.

After enter aftersale page, the related status is shown, negotiation history can be viewed via PROCESS AND DETAILS.